“If You Think You’re Safe from
a Heart Attack or Stroke…

It has been found that even healthy cholesterol numbers do NOT mean you’re safe from coronary heart diseases and stroke!

As you read this, your arteries could be partially blocked and gradually narrowing.

Like poison, it is slowly affecting you inside but you don’t know because there’s no symptoms.

You could be on a path to an
early grave – and not even
know it.

Then one day you begin to see some physical symptoms – like chest discomfort or irregular heartbeats - and chose to ignore them. What happens next?


You wake up in the hospital in a daze. The doctor informs you that you’ve suffered a stroke. You realise you can’t feel one side of your body. The doctor then shows you of the list of medication that you need to take every single day – for the rest of your life. He then explains you need to have a caretaker to feed you, to bath you, to even assist you when you need to poop.

Now imagine if the cholesterol clogs your heart arteries…

You wake up at a hospital in a daze. The doctor informs you that you’ve just suffered a heart attack. He informs you that he will have to slice you open. You must undergo one of the most fearful and scary surgeries of all – a heart bypass surgery. To make things worse, the medical bills are going to give you a second heart attack.

Now remember this… these two situations aren’t the worst. The worst is when you suffer from either one and there’s no one around to perform CPR on you or call the ambulance to rescue you. Then what happens?

You Die.

It doesn’t matter if your cholesterol levels are in the healthy range, or you’re taking lipid-lowering drugs like statins. The scary thing is that you could be taking statins to improve your health, but they may be doing the exact opposite.

The thought of dying before your time due to a heart attack or a stroke is a terrifying one. I don’t know about you, but I get a lump in my throat when I think about it. Life is so precious and you have so many more things to experience before you die. You have loved ones who care about you and you want to spend as much time as humanly possible with them.

If you die before your time, you will leave your spouse, your children and all your friends behind. Your sudden loss will impact them deeply as your life comes to a tragic close. You will leave this world with so much still left to do, an unfinished story with an end that comes too soon.

I don’t want this for you, or anyone. Life is short enough, without shortening it even more with the risk of diseases and ill health.

That’s why I want to give you the information that will help you to see through the misleading myths about cholesterol and your health – so that you can take charge of your well-being. Nobody else is going to do it for you, your health journey is your own and it begins now.

The first thing to realise is that a lot of the common information about cholesterol is simply wrong. We all have been misled in this wild goose chase.

Nearly Everyone Are
Clueless About This!

How is that possible?

The Truth About Your Cholesterol Numbers

When you get your cholesterol checked your doctor performs what’s called a standard lipid test.

The standard lipid test gives you the following answers:

  • Total Cholesterol
  • LDL (Bad Cholesterol)
  • HDL
  • Triglycerides

Now here’s something you should know:

The Standard Lipid Test
Doesn’t Tell Much at All!


Your LDL (Bad Cholesterol) actually has two different types. One is called “Pattern A” and the other “Pattern B”.

LDL-“Pattern B” particles are small and dense. Studies have shown they are more likely to cause atherosclerosis – the clogging of your arteries that leads to heart diseases and stroke.

The other is LDL-“Pattern A”. This particle type is buoyant, and has a fluffy-like appearance. Clinical studies have shown that they have a lower chance of causing cardiovascular disease. They are also bigger than Pattern Bs.

If you have LDL “Pattern B” (small, dense particles), your blood is more concentrated with LDL particles.

And that's the problem with the standard lipid test. It doesn’t tell you which type of particles your LDL (bad cholesterol) are.

Your diet plays a role in your liver’s creation of Pattern A and Pattern B particles.

Are carbohydrates the cause? Is saturated fat the cause? Or are high cholesterol foods the cause?

Before I tell you the answer please read this carefully:

Some authors (and even doctors) claim that avoiding carbohydrates entirely is the key. They also claim that saturated fat alone prevents your body from creating LDL "Pattern B".


These ‘gurus’ fail to reveal one very important fact: Pattern B puts you at higher risk for heart attacks and stroke. However, Pattern A still puts you at risk for it. Just not as much risk as Pattern B. Still, both make you vulnerable to heart attacks and strokes sooner or later!

Read this Carefully. This is critical. It could save your life.

  • First, stop taking fish oil supplements. Clinical trial tests have confirmed that though fish oil may reduce your triglyceride levels, it INCREASES your LDL (bad cholesterol) numbers. Not just that, it makes your bad cholesterol more susceptible to causing cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart attacks!
  • You may want to avoid statin medication. The JUPITER trial that concluded that statins are safe and effective for use was totally RIGGED. It was found that the pharmaceutical company manipulated the clinical trial test and results to fool the public, and trick ignorant doctors into prescribing them! In fact, statins can increase your risk for heart failure!
  • PCSK9 inhibitors (like Alirocumab and Evolocumab) may seem like a miracle drug and a good replacement over statins. However, PCSK9 inhibitors have found to increase your risk for Type 2 Diabetes, weight gain, and accumulation of body fat around your waist, which increases your risk for other diseases. It may also negatively affect your brain functions!
  • One more thing: there have been claims insisting that having high cholesterol is perfectly okay and is instead beneficial to your health. This is NOT TRUE. High cholesterol numbers makes it faster for you to become a victim of heart attack or stroke when your artery lining gets damaged.


In a large study published by the American Heart Journal in 2009, it was found that most patients with heart disease had low LDL-C (bad cholesterol) levels. They had levels that are considered optimal by doctor’s recommendation.

For your information, the study was a compilation of 231,986 hospitalizations from 541 hospitals in United States; all patients have their lipids analysed within 24 hours of hospitalization.

Nearly 50% of the people whom suffered from heart diseases have healthy cholesterol levels.

Now you’ve always been told about HDL – the good cholesterol – how it helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. However, look at the graph on the right – why do people with optimal levels of HDL still fall victim to heart diseases?

I’m going to tell you something shocking. Like healthy cells that become cancerous, HDL is similar. It can become dysfunctional, making it NO different from LDL, the bad cholesterol!

Medical studies have confirmed this.

This means having a high HDL level doesn’t fully guarantee you’re safe from cardiovascular disease.


Is statin medication the miracle drug that will end your worries of getting a stroke or a heart attack?

Think Again.

The JUPITER Trial that boasts about the effectiveness of statins and how they can prevent heart attacks is false. It is pure manipulation of the trial data to make its presentation convincing. In fact, here are some shocking facts about the trial:

  • 1

    The trial was funded by the very pharmaceutical company that makes the drug.

  • 2

    Most of the doctors behind the trial received compensation fees from the same pharmaceutical company.


Several doctors reviewed the clinical trial’s data and they concluded the following:

The results of the trial do not support the use of statin treatment for primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases and raise troubling questions concerning the role of commercial sponsors.

The problem is the JUPITER Trial received so much attention that it caught the mainstream media’s attention. It was hyped everywhere and doctors started prescribing it thinking it was effective and all that great. However, the criticisms of the trial weren’t picked up by the mainstream media.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me angry. How could misinformation be fed to the public like this? How could a drug trial, that is supposed to be scientific, be so biased and influenced by the commercial sponsors? This is really sad, because it is the health and livelihood of real people that is at stake here.

In fact, do you know statins don’t only stop the production of cholesterol?

Statins work by inhibiting the earlier production stages of cholesterol. This means the production of all other chemicals and hormones are affected too.

CoEnzyme-Q10 (CoQ10) is one of the most important substances that are crucial for our body. Every active organ like your heart, brain, liver, lungs, kidneys, and even your muscles all require this substance. Lack of CoEnyzme-Q10 or/and other hormones and chemicals can lead to the following:

  • Muscle and skeletal weakness
  • Brain Fog
  • Memory Lost (similar to having Alzheimer’s)
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • And much more.

Lack of CoEnzyme-Q10 can also lead to heart failure.

Though statins may lower your cholesterol by 40-50%, other crucial hormones and substances are also lowered by 40-50%!

This puts you at risk for many other diseases and illnesses that will come later.

In fact, some people experience these side-effects almost instantly. However, most people will not experience them until years later. By then, they would think they have new diseases and they will medicate with different drugs.

When I found this out I was horrified. How do these doctors and researchers sleep at night, knowing that they are giving the public misleading information that is skewed in order to promote their products? There are so many people out there, just like you and me, who are trying desperately to improve our health. It’s frustrating and unfair when we are lied to by the people who should be helping us.

Here’s another shocking discovery I uncovered…

Statins may even increase your chance of heart attacks and strokes. They can also increase your chance of Type 2 Diabetes.


Generic statins (atorvastatin, and simvastatin) cost about $12 a month. Brand name statins (CRESTOR) cost at least $500 a month. However, there’s one cheap, commonly available drug that costs barely $5 and has been proven to lower your risk for cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack. It also lowers your risk for cancer! You will soon find out about this drug and how it works – and you will wonder why you haven’t been taking it all along.

The Real Cause of Most Cardiovascular Disease

The main trigger of most cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke all comes down to damage to the endothelial wall of the arteries. Many factors induce this damage. Factors that affect include the food you eat, the environment around you, and other factors that you wouldn’t expect.

One of the causes contributing to this damage is very unexpected.

This factor doesn’t just cause cardiovascular disease. It also increases your risk for premature ageing, cancer, liver diseases, lung diseases, and even neurological diseases.

Fortunately, there is hope. You can counter these factors. And when you address these factors, your risk for most diseases will never have to be a concern for you.

It’s time to stop being fed misinformation and seek out the truth for yourself.

You can take your health into your own hands and transform it for the better. You don’t have to let your lifespan be shortened by a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. You don’t have to have your life end too soon – you can live a long, happy and healthy existence. However, the only person who can change it is you.

Are you ready to take charge of your habits and change your life for the better? If the answer is yes, then keep reading...

Who Am I and How Did I Uncover All These?

Hi, I’m Matt Anderson.

I was diagnosed with hyperlipidaemia – high cholesterol levels. At that time when my doctor told me about it I was in shock and disbelief. I was only in my mid-20s. I don’t smoke. I ate moderately healthy. And I exercised at least 3 times a week. My doctor said it isn’t hereditary since my siblings all have healthy cholesterol levels despite not exercising. I was puzzled.

Perhaps you’re like me - you tried different supplements in the hope of bringing down your cholesterol. Well, like what most of us would do, I Googled for ways to lower my cholesterol levels. I came across krill oil. Many articles, blogs, and even news sites recommended krill oil. Dr. O and Dr. M (one doctor with a popular TV talk show; and the latter, a huge website with many readers every day) even recommended them. With faith and hope, I purchased a 3 month supply of the highest grade krill oil. I even increased my vegetable intake by consuming lots of cruciferous vegetables like kale and drastically lowered my consumption of junk and oily foods.

The results? I walked into my doctor’s office with full of confidence. I sat while smiling as he opened my report to read my lipid test results to me. Here’s what the doctor said:

  • Total cholesterol numbers SHOT UP instead.
  • LDL (bad cholesterol) levels went UP too.
  • And worst of all, triglycerides SURGED BY 50%!

I was confused. Frustrated. I felt horribly stupid for putting such high hopes. The doctor advised me to consider statins. I said “No”. I didn’t refuse them because I knew about the dangers of statins. Rather, I said no because I heard that once you’re on cholesterol medications you’re on it for life. The doctor reluctantly agreed to my request but warned me of the risk of heart diseases and stroke I faced.

That was the point when I started my research and study on anything relating to cholesterol and cardiovascular health. I also found out that the very people who recommended krill oil supplements do so because they’re paid to. Or they sell their very own brand of krill oil. In fact, the clinical trial testing the effectiveness of krill oil is sponsored and paid for by the company that makes it. To put it simply, the clinical trial test is rigged... just like the clinical trials of statins were. This is infuriating. How are we supposed to know how to take care of our health if greedy companies are sending out misleading information in order to promote their products.

After researching many different supplements, I found out most of them do not work.

So why didn’t my healthier diet and lifestyle help my cholesterol levels?

That’s when I came across another shocking discovery: even vegetarians and people on a Mediterranean diet can still suffer from high cholesterol levels. It is all because of one secret. By knowing this secret that you can enjoy these benefits:

  • lower cholesterol levels (LDL and Triglycerides),
  • lower blood glucose levels and improved insulin sensitivity
  • lower your risk of cancer and many diseases
  • lose a huge amount of fat and weight
  • enjoy more energy and feel more positive
  • increase your life span without the concern of common diseases

The best part is that you can eat whatever you want or like, yet still enjoy the above benefits! Finding out this information was a huge relief – because I knew that I didn’t have to worry about damaging my health anymore and I felt empowered to live a healthier life on my own terms.

I have also discovered…

The Cholesterol Purging

I’ve found a way to exploit the body’s natural functions to purge cholesterol out of your system. Your cholesterol levels will improve dramatically with this method.

No drugs. No expensive supplements. No side-effects. No exercise involved.

It’s so simple you won’t believe it!

You’ll never have to be a slave to medication ever again!

Your LDL (bad cholesterol), triglycerides, and total cholesterol levels will dive drastically with this method. Effective as statins and other lipid-lowering drugs, but without the side-effects! Cheaper too – only costing a few dimes in each use.

Is it too good to be true? No, it
really works!

Yes. A miracle method that works by exploiting the body’s natural functions to purge cholesterol out of your system. This one amazing trick will work wonders for you and will give you the priceless gift of a healthy body and an increased life expectancy.


This program is the result of my years of deep research, my long readings and studies and expensive, time-consuming experiments.

The Cholesterol Breakthrough program is a 146-page guide divided into 3 sections.

In the first section, you will learn:

Page 16 - The real actual cause of most cardiovascular disease

Page 20 - The truth about cholesterol that you never knew

Page 22 - Why high HDL doesn’t mean you’re safe from heart attacks or strokes, and the solution to fix this!

Page 23 - Why your typical cholesterol test isn’t telling much at all.

For the second section, you’ll learn juicy, interesting and fascinating knowledge about:

Page 32 - The terrifying truth about statins.

Page 35 - The unfortunate truth your doctor may have not told you about.

Page 37 - Other safe alternatives to statins.

Page 40 - The surprisingly fact of how the foods you eat influence your health.

Page 43 - Why fish oil increases your LDL (bad cholesterol) and solutions to counter it while still being able to benefit from it.

Page 49 - The truth about carbohydrates – it isn’t the bad guy as you may think.

Page 52 - The factors that turn carbohydrates into destroyers of your health

Page 55 - The problem that is plaguing our food source (no, it isn’t just GMOs)

Page 59 - How a very simple tweak in your diet can still enable you to eat anything you want, yet have tremendous effects on your cholesterol and glucose levels. This trick can also help you lose weight and increase your longevity.

Page 65 - A simple exercise regimen that is not exhausting, but will improve your overall well-being. Don't worry, you won't even break a drop of sweat!

Page 68 - A simple diet regimen that doesn’t resort to starving yourself which will benefit your overall health and even prevent cancer from developing!

Page 78 - The surprisingly link between nutrition and its effect on your overall well-being.

Page 82 - The unexpected causes that worsen and destroys your health. These causes also worsen your cholesterol levels tremendously.

Page 87 - A list of proven supplements that can lower your cholesterol levels and improve your overall health. All of these supplements have been tried and proven from my research and personal experience with them.

Page 96 - A list of supplements and foods that will NOT work. The list includes krill oil, coconut oil, and many more!

In the third and final section, you will learn...

Page 108 - You’ll discover the special method that purges cholesterol out of your body miraculously. It works even if you do not increase your physical activity or improve your diet! Lower your cholesterol levels by up to 30-50% with this method!

Page 111 - And of course, the program’s special step-by-step regimen that will improve your well-being, lower your cholesterol and glucose levels, lower your risk for cancer dramatically, and eliminate the chances of cardiovascular and other diseases.

The book is written in a straight-forward and easy to understand way – so you don’t have to be a health expert to understand it. You can follow the instructions within the book easily and you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

You can actually begin the program in the next few minutes because I've made the program is available in PDF form, by Instant Download.

Just imagine for a

  • The truth you will learn about heart attacks and stroke – the Number ONE leading cause of death in United States of America and United Kingdom.
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  • Imagine waking up, energetic, and noticing a drop in weight that makes you feel more confident in your body image.
  • Imagine being able to share your newfound knowledge with your friends and family.
  • Imagine saving tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime in healthcare costs.

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Just say “maybe” to The Cholesterol Breakthrough program. Give the program a try for 60 days and experience the incredible effects on your mind, body and overall health. As soon as you implement the suggestions and guidance within the program, I promise that you will start to see incredible positive results.

If, for ANY reason, the program doesn’t live up to everything I’ve described in this presentation, you won’t have to pay a thing. If you decide this program is NOT for you, simply email us any time in the next 60 days and we’ll immediately refund every cent of your investment as quick as we can. There’s absolutely ZERO risk to you.

The first thing to realise is that a lot of the common information about cholesterol is simply wrong. We all have been misled in this wild goose chase.

Why am I being so generous with this guarantee?

It’s because I stand by the program. I’ve seen the results it delivers with my own eyes on people who thought they were beyond hope. I believe in this program and I know that it can help you to turn your life around and transform your health.

And most of all, I WANT this for you. You could be an important figure in someone else’s life - your spouse, children, or even grandchildren. I don’t want your story to end before it should. I don’t want you to die early before you have done everything you want to do in this big, beautiful and amazing world.

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Now, I don’t want to scare you but… this really could be the last chance you have to get the holy grail to good health. Your future isn’t written yet, but if you have excessive belly fat and poor health habits – you are on the path to increased risk.

You and I have both seen the unfortunate sad news of someone who has suffered a stroke or a heart attack. They’re chained to a cocktail of drugs and huge medical bills. They can’t live a normal life ever again.

Eventually, they’ll be on so many drugs. Plus, more diseases will just keep on coming….

Then finally… DEATH… with a huge amount of debts, burden, and sadness left behind for their spouse and children to be responsible for. This could be your future, but it doesn’t have to be.

I don’t want YOU to be one of those people.

You have a chance - right now - to alter the course of the rest of your life. So that you DON’T end up regretful, sick, and miserable.

It’s not too late, but it’s important that you act now!

Making a wise investment on this program helps you to avoid that path of destruction and misery. You CAN have the perfect health and body you want – without being a slave to medication.

Start transforming your health and turning your life around – today.

If a formerly high-cholesterol individual who was literally at risk for heart attacks and strokes can do it, so can you. I believe in you.

You can finally learn what you need to know the actual root cause of heart attacks and strokes.

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  • The Cholesterol Breakthrough program.
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You’ll also benefit from weight loss, improvement in your blood glucose levels, improving your organs health, and drastically lower your risk for cancer and many other diseases.

“How Much Is This Program
Going to Cost Me?”

You will get all the truth and answers in this scientifically-proven, backed by clinical trials and studies, 143-page book for just $47. Remember, it consists of years of research, study, and expensive experiments (at the expense of my health!) to test its effectiveness. Backed by scientific studies and clinical trials. Compared to the amount of money you will save on medications, treatments, doctor’s visits, hospital stays and other medical costs if you don’t follow this advice – the book is absolutely worth it.

You will learn:

  • The Truth About Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Diseases
  • The Cholesterol Purging Method
  • How you can eat anything you want, yet have a perfectly healthy life – healthy cholesterol, blood glucose levels, and safe weight loss!
  • The key to a disease-free (even cancer!) life!
  • A transition to a positive, energetic, and happier life.

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Listen, I’m going to say something that may sting a bit, but the minute I say it, you’ll know I’m speaking the truth.

Pharmaceutical companies really don’t care about your health. Think about it. These are companies that are operating a business after all. To us, medicine is the cure; but to them it is simply a product from their company. They must satisfy their stakeholders in the company. Profits are their main priority.

In fact, NOBODY will care about your health more than you will.

Ask any young aspirators why they want to be a doctor and most will say, “status and high income”. Also, they are merely absorbing what’s taught to them in medical books. Keep in mind that doctors used to think that any disease was a result of ‘too much blood’ and the treatment was blood-letting – that is, doctors will open up a wound on you to release ‘excess blood’ to heal whatever disease you’re having. This means most doctors may be ignorant of the knowledge and medication they’re prescribing.

Remember this: statin medications have such side-effects, yet, their clinical trials are rigged to say they are effective. Ignorant doctors would prescribe them unknowingly to patients thinking these medications are good for them when they are not.

Did you also know that new doctors are usually poached by pharmaceutical companies to attend all-expenses paid seminars? In return, most of these doctors would prescribe the pharmaceutical company’s brand of medication to their patients.

So you see, you stand the most to benefit from a healthy and vibrant life. Pharmaceutical companies can’t profit at all when you’re in perfect health.

If you don’t take control of your health and learn the truth, you will be a blind slave to pharmaceutical companies and drugs. No one else but you can take control of your health. It’s time to make the decision to discover the truth and take your future into your own hands.

Now it’s up to you.

Just remember, it’s a wild goose chase. Most doctors are still stuck with the ‘old school’ knowledge of heart disease. If high cholesterol is the culprit of heart diseases, then why do half of the Americans admitted in the hospital for heart diseases have perfectly healthy cholesterol levels?

Instead of questioning the very knowledge they have, doctors and health organisations are considering lowering the cholesterol threshold even further.

This will happen at the expense of your health, your bank account and your happiness.

It doesn’t have to be that way. When you own a copy of The Cholesterol Breakthrough, you have the answer to a life without cardiovascular disease like heart attacks and strokes. Your risk for many other diseases such as cancer are brought to the minimum (like winning the Powerball lottery!).

You can enjoy a healthy, vibrant life with a loaded bank account. You’ll be able to watch your children or grandchildren progress in life as you age gracefully in excellent health. You will be able to live out your full life, check off everything on your bucket list and not have to leave this world with unfinished business. There’s nothing more tragic than a life cut short – so make sure that yours is a full and happy one.

Your journey begins

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Does a doctor or pharmaceutical company ever provide such privilege? In fact, if you’re following their approach, god knows how much damage you’ve done to your body - which can’t be refunded.

If you’re currently on statins, consider them gone. I’ll tell you exactly what to do to stop taking them.

You’ll never again be a slave to it. I will save you much more money and you will also gain confidence.

From this point forward, once you click the button, dealing with a majority of leading health issues will be a thing of the past.

Imagine the joy and the freedom. Imagine living to an old, healthy age without any diseases. No drugs. No wheelchair. No burden. You’ll also enjoy excess disposable cash from all the savings on medications. Wouldn’t you love to have the key to perfect health and longevity? It’s one of the most important things a person could have. You can even share it with your family and loved ones. Everyone benefits from it.

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P.S.S.: The Cholesterol Breakthrough program is continuously updated every couple of weeks with more interesting, juicy information. That is why I feel that this program should be digital, so that you do not need to buy each updated version if this was an actual physical book. Most importantly, a digital version also enables you to have direct access to the materials immediately after payment, rather than having to wait a couple of weeks for the book to arrive on your doorstep. By then, who knows how much more your arteries will have been clogged unknowingly. No shipping fees, no delays, no waiting to get started!

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